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Cremation Services Include

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Assistance in filing for VA & Social Security Benefits
  • Rigid container (for the return of the cremated remains)
Only $695 - $1395

Package Pricing does not include: cash advance items, state fees for permits, certified copies of the death certificates, alternative cremation container, sales tax or newspaper charges. You will be able to see final cost prior to payment.

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Veteran's Benefits

If your loved one was in the military they may qualify for a burial with Military Funeral Honors or (MFH). This Veterans benefit includes an Honor Guard detail of not less than two Armed Services members at the burial or memorial, burial in a Government cemetery, and a grave marker.

  Social Security Benefits

Family members of the deceased may be entitled to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased worked long enough and had Social Security taken out of their paycheck...

How to Give a Eulogy

The eulogy or speech given at a memorial service or funeral does not have to follow any specific guide on how to write a eulogy, but it is helpful if you know where to start.

Understanding Wyoming Cremation Services

Wyoming cremation services have seen a substantial change in trends for funeral services. In 1960 almost every funeral service involved a burial as less than 4% of people were cremated. Currently, cremation services in Wyoming account for 40% of all funeral services with experts suggesting that over 55% of funerals will involve a cremation by the year 2025.

Choosing a cremation is a very private and personal matter at a time of great grief and bereavement. Being able to call on the expert help from professional organizers of cremations who can facilitate the first stages of understanding how life will be without the loved one will be much appreciated.

It is clear that the choice of cremation is perfectly acceptable to almost everyone. Wyoming cremation services have found that many people comment about how cremation is less harrowing than a burial and that people attending the funeral service with a cremation will have better memories of the occasion.

Is Cremation Environmentally Friendly?

People will rightly question whether a cremation suggested by cremation services in Wyoming is environmentally friendly when compared to a burial. With instant reflection it would appear that using a furnace to cremate a body is worse for the environment than a burial, but once you understand what really happens during a cremation you will find that a cremation is an environmentally friendly option.

Your professional experts in Wyoming cremation services will be able to explain that in the world where we talk about environmentally friendly, green and recycling everything, a green cremation is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

When you are using cremation services in Wyoming, the body does not to be embalmed, which is a process which uses chemicals that helps the body remain in good condition while it is being viewed across those few days before the funeral takes place.

Wyoming cremation services offer cremations with state-of-the-art and energy efficient equipment. While each individual is cremated alone, to ensure that the final set of ashes can be clearly placed into an urn and returned to the family, crematoriums will not necessarily cremate people the moment they pass through the curtains. Cremation services in Wyoming will arranges use of their furnaces to use the least amount of energy required.

Cremation services in Wyoming will confirm that it is illegal for more than one cremation to be performed in one unit. Modern cremation chambers are specifically manufactured to accommodate no more than one adult.

The urn that may be supplied by Wyoming cremation services or from the individual family can be made from renewable resources. Where an urn is bio-degradable, the green formula is being followed.

The scattering of ashes will leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, whereas the machinery and requirements for a burial and the facilities required to perform the burial will create an increased carbon footprint.

More Information about Cremations

For many people, using cremation services in Wyoming may be the first time that you have had to deal with the death of a close family member or friend. There will be many questions that you will raise when you are organizing the cremation and you will be asked many questions by the people attending the funeral service.

One of the main worries by many people that speak to Wyoming cremation services is in wondering what the cremated remains actually look like. To put your mind at rest, you should expect to see a dust that looks like coarse sand which is a white and grey color. A regular adult will weigh between 4 and 6 pounds after they have been cremated.

Cremation services in Wyoming will confirm that the crematorium will remove any metal items from the ashes after the cremation and return these to the person nominated and legally required to receive the ashes, which confirms that, for example, a wedding ring on the body would not be located in the urn containing the ashes.

Families will be sympathetic and understanding that all of the cremated remains are returned in one urn, to the family.

You do not have to purchase a particular or expensive urn as the crematorium selected by Wyoming cremation services as they will provide you with a temporary container if that is your choice.

Organizing the Day

As one of their professional cremation services in Wyoming, the funeral director at your chosen funeral home will help guide you through organizing visitations before the day of the funeral service.

The funeral home will also help you arrange the entire service so that it can be specifically tailored to the person who has died. You'll receive suggestions from the experts about allowing people to make specific tributes which will make the funeral service personal and an element of humor can be included within the tribute which will help everyone be more slightly relaxed on the day.

Organizing a cremation will be a very difficult period of your life and something that you hope will not have to be repeated, although you will probably attend a number of cremations yourself organized by Wyoming cremation services.