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Cremation Services Include

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Assistance in filing for VA & Social Security Benefits
  • Rigid container (for the return of the cremated remains)
Only $695 - $1395

Package Pricing does not include: cash advance items, state fees for permits, certified copies of the death certificates, alternative cremation container, sales tax or newspaper charges. You will be able to see final cost prior to payment.

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Veteran's Benefits

If your loved one was in the military they may qualify for a burial with Military Funeral Honors or (MFH). This Veterans benefit includes an Honor Guard detail of not less than two Armed Services members at the burial or memorial, burial in a Government cemetery, and a grave marker.

  Social Security Benefits

Family members of the deceased may be entitled to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased worked long enough and had Social Security taken out of their paycheck...

How to Give a Eulogy

The eulogy or speech given at a memorial service or funeral does not have to follow any specific guide on how to write a eulogy, but it is helpful if you know where to start.

What You Can Expect from Idaho Cremation Services

Idaho cremation services will help guide you through some very difficult days ahead if you have to arrange a funeral service for a loved one, whether they are a close family friend, or perhaps, a distant relation.

When you have arranged cremation services in Idaho, you will have entered the grieving period and be dealing with bereaved people who may all behave differently at such an overwhelming time.

While some people are perfectly happy to use cremation services in Idaho to deal with a humanist, or nonreligious funeral service, many people still require the whole process to match the specific teachings in the Bible about cremation. There are accounts of cremation that are found in the Bible, but people of the Jewish persuasion will not accept a cremation as an option. Some Eastern Orthodox and fundamentalist Christian denominations as well as the Islamic faith, will not allow cremations to take place.

Are Many People Cremated?

Around one in five people will choose a cremation from Idaho cremation services in the state, which is more than some states, but significantly less than some where as many as three quarters of the people would automatically choose a cremation over a burial.

A full religious service can be used for cremation services in Idaho, and the difference in the service between a cremation and a burial need only be the committal of the body. The advantage of using Idaho cremation services is that you can elect to only see a coffin passing through curtains as the deceased leaves their friends and family for the last time, which is a relatively soft memory for the people involved. If you ask people about how they can recall the committal of the body at a burial, they may only be able to offer inferior and upsetting memories, especially if they were children at the time.

Can You Bury the Ashes?

After meeting with cremation services in Idaho, you will find that it is perfectly acceptable to bury the ashes of the deceased and to install a gravestone in a cemetery. You will have to make provision for this with the owners of the cemetery, which may involve you purchasing a small area of land.

You can choose to keep the cremation ashes and Idaho cremation services will be pleased to show you a range of urns for the specific purpose. The deceased may have left specific instructions about where they would prefer to be scattered. If they were particularly religious, they may wish to choose church land or a cemetery, but any instructions to have the ashes scattered in specific locations may not be binding in law because you will need a nominated person who is able to give you permission, for this task to be carried out as your final wishes.

Do You Need To Order a Coffin?

You don't have to specifically order a coffin for somebody to be cremated with Idaho cremation services, but many people still do, particularly if the coffin is to be on show for long periods of time.

In the interests of dignity, the majority of crematoriums within Idaho cremation services will insist that a suitable and sanitary container is provided for the cremation process, which means it should be made of wood or another combustible material so that the remains can be handled in a dignified manner.

In the interests of being environmentally friendly, Idaho cremation services can offer a range of caskets that can be made from recycled cardboard all the way through to the most beautifully handcrafted wood that has also been recycled for this particular purpose.

Looking Further at Your Later Options

Because a human body has entered into a decomposition stage, unless it is embalmed professionally, cremation services in Idaho will suggest that a service is completed in just a few days after the person has died. A deceased person can be refrigerated in the meanwhile.

Those same cremation services in Idaho will be well aware that people might need to travel from across the country or even from abroad and that there are a lot of arrangements to be agreed and dealt with before the service can go ahead. Fortunately though, once a person has been cremated there is no particular urgency to have to make a decision about what to do with the ashes.

It is quite normal for family to use cremation services in Idaho that will allow private and personal viewings of the deceased and even to witness the beginning of the cremation process. A much larger memorial or service that recognizes the scattering of the ashes can be held weeks or months later.

Idaho cremation services will be able to talk these decisions through with you which means that you'll have plenty of time to go through that the immediate and difficult periods of grief that will become slightly easier over the course of time and allows you to make final decisions when your mind is more suited to the task.

A kind and considerate service will be provided and anything that helps the grieving process to begin, while giving people the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones, can only be good for those left behind, which is why many people choose to use cremation services in Idaho.